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Our Ambassadors

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The Abbott Family

The Abbott family consisting of Leonie, Jessica and Micaela are the mother and sisters of the late Dr Chloe Abbott who tragically took her life in 2017. Despite their ongoing grief, the Abbott family found the courage to speak publicly about their loss and in doing so brought much needed attention to the challenges faced by doctors and the disproportionately high suicide rates in the medical profession. Within the mental health for doctors space, the family have been described as ‘game changers’ and their advocacy has been recognised when they were awarded the 2017 ‘Pride of Australia’ medal. 

The Abbott family are proud ambassadors of CrazySocks4Docs and have supported the day since the inaugural event.

Yumiko Kadota

Yumiko Kadota is an advocate for mental health awareness, particularly amongst junior doctors. She experienced a decline in her mental health when she worked as Plastic Surgery registrar under punishing conditions. She wrote a blog post called “The ugly side of becoming a surgeon” which detailed her experience, which led to burnout and eventually a major depressive episode. She is also a big fan of socks, and therefore delighted to combine those two interests to be an ambassador for Crazy Socks 4 Docs!

Sock it to me! – YUMIKO

It’s time we rock our socks off to show that our mental wellbeing matters.